Monday, November 11, 2013

Because I Like To Write Random, Stupid Things Down...

My sweet tooth is out. of. control. And I'm hungry at all hours of the day. I am trying to balance the sugar out with solid, protein packed, whole-food meals but...candy.

And speaking of candy, Oh Henry bars are far superior to Snickers but I can not tell you why this is so.  It just IS. I can only find Oh Henry bars in Michaels craft stores, which makes them that more mysterious and want-worthy. Good Lord, I can not wait for this baby to be on the outside and to not be pregnant anymore.

Olive has been making Christmas lists for everyone in the family, and they are obviously hilarious. She has declared, among other things, that Silas needs a toy fruit salad, Matt needs coffee and socks and Auntie Grace needs more beautiful necklaces and ear rings. She also told me Grandma and Grandpa are buying all this stuff with money that they will get from the money store, which is a relief to me because we don't have money stores here in MI.

It snowed today, and I am realizing I need to just give up and enjoy it for what it is, because winter in MI is long, and unfortunately is only just the beginning of November.

Lately Silas throws a fit anytime Matt shows me any affection. He literally comes up and shoves himself between us and pushes us apart. If Matt gives me a hug, Silas needs a hug. If Matt gives me a kiss, Silas cries and demands a kiss. It's kind of funny and maybe even flattering in a weird, egotistical way because I've never had a guy be jealous over me. Though I'm pretty sure it's not going to be so cute when the jealousy turns toward the new baby in a couple of months. 

We've been studying in Philippians about being joyful in all things, and doing all things without murmurings or complaining, but... SO HUGE and uncomfortable. And I'm starting to think that more than the baby is at play here. (Candy.) You know it's getting bad when maternity doesn't even fit comfortably anymore. 7 more weeks!

Also, Grand Rapids' Forever 21 mirrors are the worst! All store mirrors are NOT equal. (I am fond of Target's and TJ Maxx's myself.) And why am I even entering a Forever 21 at 33 weeks pregnant? Because I am stupid. (And also because my sister wanted to go in and I had to give moral support.) 

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