Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Traditions And Cards

Hello again! Where do I even start? It sure has been a while since I've posted anything on this dusty old blog. While things have been quiet here, they definitely haven't been quiet in real time - life keeps roaring by at breakneck speed, bringing new changes around every bend.

The biggest change in our family, that you've probably spotted in the above pictures, is a new family member. I'm excited to introduce Syreca - she is a family friend who needed a safe, stable place to stay for a while. Syreca is such a joy, and we all adore her. She's brought a lot of fun and laughter into our lives - things are never boring around here (not that they ever were!)

I love the holiday traditions our family has created over the years. Pumpkin picking before Thanksgiving, baking special once-a-year treats, Advent devotions with the kids, picking out a live Christmas tree and decorating while listening to Bing Crosby and the Mannheim Steamrollers, candlelight Christmas Eve services at church... I love it all and just wish it didn't go by so fast! This year will be extra fun as we enjoy these traditions for the first time with Syreca.

One of the things I look forward to the most every holiday season is putting together Christmas cards to send out to all our friends and family. Tiny Prints offer some of the most beautiful holiday card designs with endless customization options, and their customer service is always top notch! 

I really love the design we picked out this year (we've been learning that it really is amazing how far just a moment of peace can get you when life is noisy, busy and chaotic!) This particular template allowed for several pictures, utilizing space on the front and back which I really appreciated. I love the surprise of the bokeh glitter envelope liners when you open the envelopes!

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This post was in partnership with Tiny Prints; all opinions are my own.