Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas recap

this was our first christmas in our 5 years of being our own family that we've spent the holiday with just ourselves. my family was all gathered in NC, matt's family was all gathered in OH, and we decided to stick close to home, since there had been so much going on lately with matt's thyroid surgery and the worries with my low amniotic fluid levels.

it was strange to have what is a usually busy, noisy day spent with lots of family so quiet and relaxing. it was a nice change (though, we have to admit, just a tiny bit lonely. we love our families!) we enjoyed leisurely opening gifts, watching olive play with new toys, skyping with loved ones, eating a homemade mexican feast, and taking really long naps.

it's really strange to think that next year we'll be celebrating with olive AND a little baby boy! so exciting!

some obligatory maternity pictures

some people are so great (and photogenic) that they document each week of their pregnancy through maternity pictures. i applaud their high levels of motivation and self-confidence.

with my pregnancy with olive, i had one...just one...picture of my baby belly taken. i allowed my sister to take it, with much protestation from me, when i was about a week past my due date. as swollen, puffy, and huge as i was at that point, (i don't think it's possible to feel more ugly and unhuman than when you're a week overdue...) i love that picture now, and i feel sad that i don't have any other pictures from that pregnancy.

this pregnancy i've tried to take more pictures. they've all been been taken with my phone, so they're not great, but i'm glad i'll be able to look back at something and remember what it was like carrying my littlest man. :)

[most recent pictures, at 26 weeks.]

Monday, October 31, 2011



when i was a kid, my siblings and i were never allowed to partake in halloween festivities. we never went trick or treating. and i'm ok with that. i remember i would sometimes feel bummed out because i felt like i was missing out on something really fun, but i understand why my parents made that choice for us and i hold no grudges. :)

so now i'm a mom, and this halloween i found myself really wanting to do something fun. i know there's a lot of disagreements in Christian culture about whether or not it's right to partake in halloween celebrations, but that debate wasn't weighing on my mind or conscience this year. for me, all i sincerely and innocently wanted to do was just dress up my cute 2 year old in a funny costume and show her off to friends and family! and maybe eat some candy corn. 

so olive and i went to the consignment shop my sister in law works at and found this adorable, reminiscent-of-Ralphie-from-that-Christmas-movie's-bunny-suit elephant costume, and i had to get it for her. i mean, how adorable is she?

and tonight matt and i dressed her up in it and took her out for a special meal at chick-fil-a. it worked out perfectly, because she got chicken nuggets (her favorite thing ever,) we got to show off her cuteness, and i didn't get gestational diabetes eating up all the candy she would have gotten trick-or-treating. triple win!

i'm sure as she gets older, matt and i will think more seriously about whether or not it's the right decision for our family to participate in halloween activities, but for tonight, we just thoroughly and guiltlessly enjoyed watching our 2 year old (who's growing way too quickly,) run around and have a ball in her elephant costume, and basked in the glow of all the compliments strangers gave us on her exceeding cuteness. it was a fun night!

Monday, October 24, 2011

laura's wedding (part two)

laura's wedding (part one)

i am so grateful that i was able to attend
my childhood friend laura's wedding this past weekend, in NC.
she was a stunning bride, and we had so much fun
capturing all the fun and beautiful moments on camera...