Thursday, February 28, 2013

59 / 365

Determined little man. He is a super fast crawler. As in, by the time I have myself situated to get the perfect shot of him on all fours, he's already poking my lens and covering it with grimy baby fingerprints. I love him so so much.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a Few Random Things

1. We all have cabin fever. I'm over you, winter - like yesterday.

2. Yesterday was one week completed of the Whole 30. I'm over the miserable part, but have yet to see miraculous benefits. Over all I feel good but my energy is way down. Hoping that improves soon.

3. Oversized white tees. I'm loving them. I think it has something to do with how much I want warmer, "tee-shirt" weather. Hanes or Jockey's small men's basic v-necks are the best. I liked Natalie's round up of the best oversized white tees. Some of them are scandalously pricey! 

4. If you love MAC lip colors, but like me can't afford them, you should try Maybelline's new Vivids collection. This is not sponsored - I am just in love with them! The lipsticks are super pigmented, in fun neons that are just screaming for summer. I have Neon Red and Pink Pop.

For such bright lipstick, it goes on really well (creamy and smooth.) When I've tried other bright lipsticks, even some MAC colors, they didn't look right without a liner. I haven't found the need for liner with the Vivids. And the color lasts a long, long time. I really love them!

5. Larabars! My new occasional treat. Some of the flavors are Whole 30 compliant (like my favorite, Cashew Cookie, which is made of cashews and dates - that's it!) I prefer the mini sized ones. They compliment a hot cup of tea well.

57 + 58 / 365

I almost didn't share this one, mostly because it looks ridiculous (They are exactly 3 years apart - how are they the same size already? They're not really the same size, but gosh it looks close to it in this picture, huh?) 
Olive likes to pretend Silas is her baby, even though he's rapidly becoming very independent. What kills me is how much he loves her - so much that he tolerates all the babying and fussing. (Who am I kidding, he loves all the attention.) 
They are awfully cute together. I love watching them interact.

The light outside was really weird last night. And pretty. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wanting Out


Another sunny day! We let Olive go outside on the back deck by herself to play in the snow. I cynically thought it would only last 5 minutes, thinking the cold would get the better of her, but she surprised us by playing out there for almost an hour. She had a blast. And I realized it was the first time in her life that she had been outside of the house by herself to play, and that for the first time my life with her, we lived someplace where it was safe to do so! It was a happy feeling.

(Of course, she wasn't really alone, as we watched her the whole time through the glass sliding door, but it still felt like a big deal to me, haha.)

Unfortunately Silas couldn't join in the fun, because my little man has a bad cold. I felt sad for him.

I think Olive's favorite part of playing in the snow is getting her "hot chocolate milk" to warm up.

Which reminds me.
Man oh man oh man oh man do I miss chocolate.
And coffee.
Trying not to think about them.

I found this beautiful Etsy shop, and have been admiring the pretty artwork. I would love this print for my house!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Secret Beach and a Castle


After days of gray skies and snow, we had a break today with some beautiful blue sky. We had been meaning for weeks to try to find this tiny "secret"beach on Lake Michigan we had heard about, but the weather hadn't been cooperative. Today was a good day to go exploring.

It was a bit confusing finding our way there. We knew we were on the right track when giant dunes sprung up in our line of view.

Yes, we stupidly bravely trekked up those 600 or so icy steps with babies in tow (and not great traction on our shoes. Well, my shoes anyway. It was a bit scary.)

At the top of the dune, we were met with the most beautiful view of icy Lake Michigan that I had yet seen. It literally took our breaths away. It was a rare, windless day and the water was perfectly blue and calm. 

It was a very steep drop, the picture doesn't do it justice.
If you look close though, you can see some brave person's tracks all the way down to the water.

We really couldn't tell where the beach ended and the water started, 
with most of the shoreline still iced over.

Unfortunately, the climb down the icy stairs was worse than the climb up. I'm glad the park was deserted because it was extremely embarrassing how long it took me to get down them without slipping. At least Matt didn't have to carry me. ;)

We also found a castle near the beach. Unfortunately not open for tours. I'd love to see inside of it.

We came home to a Whole 30 approved roast and carrots in the crock pot, that we ate with mashed cauliflower. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

These Last Three Days (52-54/365)

I've stepped away from the computer the last few days for a few reasons.

One being, I've got a new computer, a new version of Photoshop annnnd I have no idea what I'm doing yet. (But I'm having fun learning.) 

Secondly, this Whole 30 business.
The first day I was all arrogant and stuff. Like "this is so easy, I'm so awesome."
The second day I felt hung over all day. Migraine headaches and all.
Third day - migraines worsen.
Fourth day - I'm ready to die. Exhausted, weepy, head achy, irritable, just-want-to-hide-in-bed-all-day. Not really good with two active kids under 3.

But today's the 5th day and things are getting better. I'm already seeing some happy benefits (swelling and inflammation is already down a lot!) I am excited to see what improvements the rest of the month will bring.

Up above is a picture of a dairy free/crustless quiche I made with ground pork, spinach and peppers. It was pretty awesome.

Have you seen Life in a Day? I thought it was raw and human and beautiful and overall, pretty brilliant.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Macbook Bling?

As a disclaimer, I recognize that they're pretty cheesy.
[And that my husband would be horrified if I actually used one!]
But it's fun looking at these clever Macbook decals.
[All found on Etsy.]

Obviously I have a thing for the silly ones.
But these colorful ones are pretty nice too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

51 [Bare Feet]

I love winter light.
And I love having a little girl who loves to play dress up in frothy, pink tulle.
(My filthy kitchen floor adds so much character, don't you agree?)

So as I speak, I am enjoying GLORIOUS peace and quiet, because my saint of a husband cheerfully offered to take BOTH babies with him to the store to pick up some groceries.

I'm at the end of day two of the Whole30 and it hasn't been too bad. The coffee situation hasn't been fun and I've had some ongoing, killer "I need caffeine" headaches, but they should be going away soon.

This stuff has become my new lover. Totally clean ingredients, and when mixed with a jar of coconut milk you feel like you're in comfort food heaven. Goes well with any combo of meats + veggies. 

I've been to a Lush store in Raleigh, and thoroughly enjoyed all the scents, colors, and demos. Never bought anything though. Since my diet this month is so strict, I've been trying to think of non-food related ways to treat myself. I might have to make an online order for some bath bombs. They look so fun!

These two bags have given me the lust of the eyes. The Ecote backpack would be perfect for traipsing around town or to the beach this summer with the kids. And it doesn't help that they're on super clearance on Urban Outfitters online. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Few Days.. (46 - 50 / 365)

46 - Driving home

47 - Snowstorm in Cleveland

48 - Sunset, finally back in MI.

49 - Olive

50 - Wilting Valentines flowers

Some things:

1. It is good to be back in our house. After being in the car with two kids for over 24 hours total driving time last week, I was practically kissing my floor in happiness upon arriving home. Matt and I are so exhausted, and yet our kids have energy (fuh daaaze y'all.) This makes me a rather frumpled, grumpy mother. No more long road trips for us in the near future. (So let it be written, so let it be done!)

2. I've been struggling with inflammation related issues since last fall. The Whole 30 was recommended to me as a good anti-inflammation program, so I started it today. Hoping for good things! Though 30 days without my coffee feels like an eternity. 
(I am very emotionally attached to my coffee.)
"It Starts With Food" by the Hartwigs is a great read, if you're interested in food chemistry and health. It gives great information without being overly technical, (dull) and hard to pay attention to. 

3. Why did Downton Abbey have to get so edgy and political, yo? So disappointed by that show. The finale was a bummer. My mother in law lent us the first "Call the Midwife" series and I'm totally into it. (Poor Matt, not so much. There's a lot of screaming, laboring mothers and afterbirth.)

4. On the way home Matt and I listened to "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly and I am now slightly obsessed. Yesterday I picked up this book at the library.

5. Over the last couple of weeks Olive has pretty much destroyed my cheap Toshiba laptop (The hinges are pretty much broken and you have to prop up the screen so it doesn't fall over!) So Matt somewhat surprised me by ordering me a Macbook Air yesterday. (I kind of caught on when he took me to the Apple store in Grand Rapids yesterday to "look at them.") I've kind of dragged my feet over switching to Apple (I've only ever used Windows) because I kind of roll my eyes at the group I like to call the "Apple Products Cult." But the Macbook Air will be a huge upgrade in terms of speed and capability, and though I am wary of having to learn how to use a whole new system, the new Windows 8 would probably be equally hard to learn. So all in all I'm kind of excited.

6. Has anyone seen "Big Easy Express"? It's at the top of my "to see" list.