Monday, February 4, 2013


This boy.

Constant drooler. Messy eater. Awesome at getting stuck in the weirdest places. Toothy. Snotty. Rascally grin. Best snuggler. In awe of his sister. Flirt. Sweetheart. Feelings hurt easily. 

My boy.

He went from totally immobile to crawling and pulling himself up to standing, like overnight.
Little man has one mission in life right now: and that is to walk. He's obsessed.
And any shards of energy and free time, 
(oh free time, how I have taken thee for granted) 
that I had left hanging around are suddenly gone. 
Bye bye. 
Time to start seriously baby proofing this house.

P.S: Olive finished her 200 piece puzzle!
It took her two days.
Girl's got serious concentration skills!

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