Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Few Days.. (46 - 50 / 365)

46 - Driving home

47 - Snowstorm in Cleveland

48 - Sunset, finally back in MI.

49 - Olive

50 - Wilting Valentines flowers

Some things:

1. It is good to be back in our house. After being in the car with two kids for over 24 hours total driving time last week, I was practically kissing my floor in happiness upon arriving home. Matt and I are so exhausted, and yet our kids have energy (fuh daaaze y'all.) This makes me a rather frumpled, grumpy mother. No more long road trips for us in the near future. (So let it be written, so let it be done!)

2. I've been struggling with inflammation related issues since last fall. The Whole 30 was recommended to me as a good anti-inflammation program, so I started it today. Hoping for good things! Though 30 days without my coffee feels like an eternity. 
(I am very emotionally attached to my coffee.)
"It Starts With Food" by the Hartwigs is a great read, if you're interested in food chemistry and health. It gives great information without being overly technical, (dull) and hard to pay attention to. 

3. Why did Downton Abbey have to get so edgy and political, yo? So disappointed by that show. The finale was a bummer. My mother in law lent us the first "Call the Midwife" series and I'm totally into it. (Poor Matt, not so much. There's a lot of screaming, laboring mothers and afterbirth.)

4. On the way home Matt and I listened to "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly and I am now slightly obsessed. Yesterday I picked up this book at the library.

5. Over the last couple of weeks Olive has pretty much destroyed my cheap Toshiba laptop (The hinges are pretty much broken and you have to prop up the screen so it doesn't fall over!) So Matt somewhat surprised me by ordering me a Macbook Air yesterday. (I kind of caught on when he took me to the Apple store in Grand Rapids yesterday to "look at them.") I've kind of dragged my feet over switching to Apple (I've only ever used Windows) because I kind of roll my eyes at the group I like to call the "Apple Products Cult." But the Macbook Air will be a huge upgrade in terms of speed and capability, and though I am wary of having to learn how to use a whole new system, the new Windows 8 would probably be equally hard to learn. So all in all I'm kind of excited.

6. Has anyone seen "Big Easy Express"? It's at the top of my "to see" list. 

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