Saturday, February 23, 2013

These Last Three Days (52-54/365)

I've stepped away from the computer the last few days for a few reasons.

One being, I've got a new computer, a new version of Photoshop annnnd I have no idea what I'm doing yet. (But I'm having fun learning.) 

Secondly, this Whole 30 business.
The first day I was all arrogant and stuff. Like "this is so easy, I'm so awesome."
The second day I felt hung over all day. Migraine headaches and all.
Third day - migraines worsen.
Fourth day - I'm ready to die. Exhausted, weepy, head achy, irritable, just-want-to-hide-in-bed-all-day. Not really good with two active kids under 3.

But today's the 5th day and things are getting better. I'm already seeing some happy benefits (swelling and inflammation is already down a lot!) I am excited to see what improvements the rest of the month will bring.

Up above is a picture of a dairy free/crustless quiche I made with ground pork, spinach and peppers. It was pretty awesome.

Have you seen Life in a Day? I thought it was raw and human and beautiful and overall, pretty brilliant.

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