Tuesday, January 17, 2012

silas benjamin

[27 week ultrasound]

we decided about halfway through my pregnancy with my daughter that her name was going to be "olive evangeline" (much to the shock of many friends and family members who i'm sure thought we were nuts!)  i was so in love with olive's name, there just wasn't any hesitancy or second thoughts after we put it together.

this time around, no such easy experience. boys names are hard! matt and i had a much harder time finding names we BOTH liked for this boy than we ever did for olive. and the list of names we could agree on was very small compared to the list of girls names we adore.

we read the list of names we agreed on to olive to get her valuable 2 year old's perspective. it was important to us that she like the baby's name, and could pronounce it fairly easily. she immediately liked "silas." and she's called my baby bump that ever since, and will tell anyone who asks about her baby brother that his name IS "baby silas." i've held back announcing that "silas" is definitely this baby's name, because i haven't had that romantic, "i know this is the one" feeling about the name like i did with olive's, but somehow over the last few months he's just grown into his name and we all call him by name now.

luckily the middle name was a piece of cake. because silas is the first boy grandchild to be born with my husband's family's last name, we wanted to give him matt's dad's name. i think silas and benjamin go together very sweetly.