Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a Few Random Things

1. We all have cabin fever. I'm over you, winter - like yesterday.

2. Yesterday was one week completed of the Whole 30. I'm over the miserable part, but have yet to see miraculous benefits. Over all I feel good but my energy is way down. Hoping that improves soon.

3. Oversized white tees. I'm loving them. I think it has something to do with how much I want warmer, "tee-shirt" weather. Hanes or Jockey's small men's basic v-necks are the best. I liked Natalie's round up of the best oversized white tees. Some of them are scandalously pricey! 

4. If you love MAC lip colors, but like me can't afford them, you should try Maybelline's new Vivids collection. This is not sponsored - I am just in love with them! The lipsticks are super pigmented, in fun neons that are just screaming for summer. I have Neon Red and Pink Pop.

For such bright lipstick, it goes on really well (creamy and smooth.) When I've tried other bright lipsticks, even some MAC colors, they didn't look right without a liner. I haven't found the need for liner with the Vivids. And the color lasts a long, long time. I really love them!

5. Larabars! My new occasional treat. Some of the flavors are Whole 30 compliant (like my favorite, Cashew Cookie, which is made of cashews and dates - that's it!) I prefer the mini sized ones. They compliment a hot cup of tea well.

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