Wednesday, February 20, 2013

51 [Bare Feet]

I love winter light.
And I love having a little girl who loves to play dress up in frothy, pink tulle.
(My filthy kitchen floor adds so much character, don't you agree?)

So as I speak, I am enjoying GLORIOUS peace and quiet, because my saint of a husband cheerfully offered to take BOTH babies with him to the store to pick up some groceries.

I'm at the end of day two of the Whole30 and it hasn't been too bad. The coffee situation hasn't been fun and I've had some ongoing, killer "I need caffeine" headaches, but they should be going away soon.

This stuff has become my new lover. Totally clean ingredients, and when mixed with a jar of coconut milk you feel like you're in comfort food heaven. Goes well with any combo of meats + veggies. 

I've been to a Lush store in Raleigh, and thoroughly enjoyed all the scents, colors, and demos. Never bought anything though. Since my diet this month is so strict, I've been trying to think of non-food related ways to treat myself. I might have to make an online order for some bath bombs. They look so fun!

These two bags have given me the lust of the eyes. The Ecote backpack would be perfect for traipsing around town or to the beach this summer with the kids. And it doesn't help that they're on super clearance on Urban Outfitters online. 

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