Monday, February 25, 2013

Wanting Out


Another sunny day! We let Olive go outside on the back deck by herself to play in the snow. I cynically thought it would only last 5 minutes, thinking the cold would get the better of her, but she surprised us by playing out there for almost an hour. She had a blast. And I realized it was the first time in her life that she had been outside of the house by herself to play, and that for the first time my life with her, we lived someplace where it was safe to do so! It was a happy feeling.

(Of course, she wasn't really alone, as we watched her the whole time through the glass sliding door, but it still felt like a big deal to me, haha.)

Unfortunately Silas couldn't join in the fun, because my little man has a bad cold. I felt sad for him.

I think Olive's favorite part of playing in the snow is getting her "hot chocolate milk" to warm up.

Which reminds me.
Man oh man oh man oh man do I miss chocolate.
And coffee.
Trying not to think about them.

I found this beautiful Etsy shop, and have been admiring the pretty artwork. I would love this print for my house!

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