Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is How A Normal Day Sounds

"Mom, can I play with your phone?" (Asked at least 200 times a day.)

"Can I wear my princess dress to the store?"

"Do porcupines have hair on their bums?"

"Can God hit people?"

"How do you spell Thanksgiving?" (Asked at least 500 times a day.)

"Do you want to hear my opera?"

"Can I have some music?"

"Can I have snack?"

"Can I have a real snack after my banana?"

"Can I get a piece of paper?" (Asked about 650 times a day.)

"What's for dinner?" (Asked 800 times a day.) 

"Can I have an omelette instead?" (Asked no matter what I tell her we're having for dinner.)

"What are we doing tonight?"

"What are we doing tomorrow?" (Asked at minimum, 1,000 times a day.)

"Can you tell Silas he has to be my prince?"

"Why won't Silas dance with me?"

"When I'm a grown up, can I sleep without pajamas on?" 

"Can I have the scissors real quick?" (She's good at asking this one when I'm at my most distracted.)

"Why can I only cut paper?"

"Can you wipe me?" (Asked only once or twice a day, but uncannily ALWAYS at the very moment I sit down with a cup of coffee.)

"When I'm grown up can I be the boss?"

"Mom, when will I be a grown up?"

"Am I grown up yet?" (Asked every 5 minutes.)

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