Friday, November 1, 2013

Random Thoughts on Gracie's Day

Grace, you're a quarter-of-a-century today! 

We had plans to celebrate by taking a leisurely stroll around Target with Starbucks (in red holiday cups!) in hand, but one of my children who will go unnamed kind of ruined that by having the fit of the century and we didn't even make it into the store before I steered my offspring back into the van. Screaming kids + Target + juggling coffee + a toddler who is determined to throw himself from the cart + having to try to explain to a screaming kid that they cannot have chocolate milk today = cowardly, retreating me. 

I baked you a chocolate cake and hopefully it makes up for the disaster that was this morning. Also, Thai takeout - hello!

Remember celebrating your birthday as a kid? Little Caesars pizza, pre-Pinterest-box-mixed-cake-with-canned-icing, getting to pick out your favorite flavor of ice cream (you always, always, always picked chocolate) and Polly Pockets?  I just got all nostalgic thinking about those Polly Pockets and how much you loved them. Have you seen today's Polly Pockets? They are so uncool compared to the 90's version. 

I'm glad we fight less and laugh more now in our 20s, and am so thankful for the patient, loving example you are to Olive, Silas (and me too.) Thanks for always being the best and most long-suffering of friends to me, and for putting up with my bossiness all these years. We all think you're the bee's knees and are happy to celebrate today with you!

Happy birthday Gracie - we love you! xoxo

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