Monday, November 25, 2013

Silas Hearts Siri

Silas sneaks off with my phone as often as he can manage. This is all my fault, because I fell into the habit of letting him play with my phone to keep him quiet when we were out, and now he's obsessed.

His favorite thing about my phone is definitely Siri. He holds that home button down until the microphone pops up, and knows to speak into it to get her to respond. When she talks back to him he lights up like he won a prize. I'm pretty sure he's in love with her. Their "conversations" are hilarious.

Silas: (Incoherent babbling..)
Siri: "I'm sorry, but I don't know what "beh meh" means."

Silas: (Incoherent babbling...)
Siri: "There are 7 places matching "pizza" in your area, 3 of which are within 5 miles..."

Silas: (Incoherent babbling...)
Siri: "I give up."

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