Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wiggly Party

Confession: I feel like poo these days. P-O-O. Except maybe spelled another, not so child-friendly way? Lots of contractions, day and night. Lousy pinched sciatic nerve. No sleep. Almost-fully-cooked baby who likes to get in really horrible, awkward positions in my uterus that make my filled-to-capacity belly look like it's housing an anvil. (You can actually see that she's sitting sideways from the outside - bizarre...and ouch.)

Confession two: I am finding myself turning to my laptop to babysit my kids more and more. Bad? Definitely. Survival necessity? Yes. 

Confession three: All my son will watch is The Wiggles. Yes, these guys...

Silas' love for the Wiggles knows no bounds. He leads me over to my sadly sticky-fingerprint covered Mac notebook every day, waits patiently for me to enter the password he hasn't broken yet, (any day now, I swear...) points to the iTunes button and then points to his favorite Wiggles movie, and then settles back with a serious, focused expression to get his needed Wiggles fix.

Classic Silas-Watching-Wiggles-Face - mouth slighly agape, eyes focused, body tense. Kind of reminds me of this guy, watching his team perform on The Voice...

...except Adam Levine doesn't drool (thank goodness.) Poor Silas can not watch the Wiggles without his mouth hanging open, and he can not stop the stream of drool that drips from his mouth whenever it is not closed. Sigh.

^^ THIS look. Reserved exclusively for Olive, who tries to get a reaction out of her focused brother by dancing and singing over-dramatically along with Sam, Anthony, Murray and Jeff. ^^

While he loves all Wiggles songs, he has his favorites and his "so-so's." Like, for some reason he's not crazy for the "La Bamba" sequence and will usually distract himself with boogers or a book until that one song is over.

And every once in a while, he gets so into it and so excited that he gets up and rocks out with Olive, breaking into some fancy dance moves. I can't get enough of watching my babies dance.

And, just for kicks - my personal favorite Wiggle's song...

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