Friday, November 15, 2013

Fridays Aren't the Same Anymore.

Fridays used to be my favorite days. I love that feeling of being at the very beginning of a much-anticipated time. The same feeling you get on the very first day of vacation? That feeling of the whole thing just stretched out before you, wide open and ready to be lived and enjoyed. All the possibilities...

But lately Fridays are the longest. I am so very very tired once we get to Friday. This week was filled with so much running around. Yesterday was the busiest - out the door first thing in the morning for physical therapy, home again to get everyone lunch and Silas in bed, out again for an OB appointment, and then a long stop at the library with Olive for some one-on-one time and book selecting. We got home at 3PM and I went to lay down on my bed, just to check e-mails on my phone, and the next thing I knew Matt was shaking me awake and it was already dark outside. I was so tired, and I woke up still tired this morning, and thinking about the weekend is making me more tired yet, because - holy-to-do-list! (Next week is going to be really nuts.)

At my OB appointment yesterday, my doctor confirmed my suspicion that baby girl is not head down. She is diagonally transverse, with her head wedged against my right hip bone. She's got a few weeks left to stop the silliness and get in the right position, but if she doesn't cooperate we may have to consider doing an external "version."Speaking of which, have you ever seen or read the "Call the Midwife" series? We were watching the 2nd season on Netflix last month and there was an episode where this was done and my toes were literally curling in sympathy pain for the mother. (Watching "Call the Midwife" while pregnant is probably not the brightest idea.) I'm going to go on brisk, half hour walks the next couple of weeks to hopefully help persuade her to move down, because a "version" sounds like the most terrifying thing ever right now.

Also, I've had more than a few people text or message me, concerned about my candy "problem" since I joked about it on here, and just to put everyone's minds at ease I've been two days without sweets and caffeine and I'm still alive! :) (And Dad, if you're reading this, we still have a couple of the Oh Henry bars you sent left in the fridge, aren't you impressed?!)

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