Sunday, November 10, 2013


Olive, on our way home from church: "Today teacher talked about God making the animals."
Matt: "What day did God make the animals?"
Olive: "Sunday."

Grace, texting me from home where she's babysitting the kids while Matt and I are on a date: Olive just told me you called her and said to tell me to bake a cake.

Grace, texting me from Target where she took Olive for an auntie + niece date: Olive just asked the woman in front of us in line if she had a baby in her belly. She didn't. Awkward...

Me: "Olive, it's time to brush your teeth."
Olive, very loudly: "WHAT SAID?"
Me: "Olive, do you listen to me when I talk to you?"
Olive: "Yes, but you mumble."

Me: "Olive I'm really proud of you for listening and obeying so quickly at the store."
Olive: "It's because I'm wearing a beautiful dress."

Olive's Sunday School teacher, while discussing the animals God created: What animal roars really loud?
Olive: SILAS!

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