Saturday, November 16, 2013

Before the Wind Blows

We're anticipating some pretty big, wet, windy storms this weekend. We ran down to Saugatuck this morning for coffee, a walk and some playground time before the weather gets nasty. 

^^ It was Grace's first visit to Saugatuck since moving here last summer. I think she approved. ^^

^^ Olive was almost blindingly "pink" this morning, and very pleased about it too. ^^
Silas was tired, with a constant stream of drool and snot, poor guy. 

^^ It didn't stop him from thoroughly enjoying the playground, though! ^^

^^ We walked by the water, and I told Olive to step back from the edge at least 852 times. ^^

^^ We were all perplexed by this wonderfully weird statue. (???) ^^

^^ Christmas. Is. Coming. ^^

^^ As you can see, my unfortunate hair does not handle the wind well. At all. ^^
Also, carrying at least half my pregnancy weight in my face. Fun!
Also, Olive wins at posing. 
The end.

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