Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How DOES One Go Semi-Formal at 8 Months Pregnant?

^^ Obviously not like this. Though this outfit is actually a step up for me... ^^

^^ ...This is my daily, 8-months-pregs uniform: fleece leggings and mens tee. 
And puffy hands and feet, of course.
Cue Fergie singing "G-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s..." ^^

We recently accepted a very generous invitation to attend a "holiday gala"with friends from church in a couple of weeks from now. I was all excited, (because I love Christmas parties,) until I realized the tickets specifically say "dress: semi-formal."

At first I thought, "oh no big deal, I'll just wear anything but my leggings + sweatshirt combo and be good. Play that good old pregnancy excuse card for the umpteenth time..." But then I looked it up online, and there are actual rules for semi-formal dress. 

My very few experiences with formal occasions have left some not-so-great memories. I'm basically a disaster when it comes to formality. The only formal occasions I've ever been a part of were my wedding and as a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding, (and my wedding was very informal, and probably shouldn't even count.)

So even though this occasion is not as fancy as a wedding, now you might understand why I feel just slightly apprehensive about attending something labeled a semi-formal event...

...Throw on top of that having an 8 month pregnant belly that barely fits in maternity anymore, and let the nervous sweating begin!

My plan of action so far:

I have been wearing this dress this since my early second trimester - I got it for a song during a sale promotion ASOS was having online several months ago. (It's still under $50 not-on-sale!) It's very plain, and it's jersey, but the fit is flattering (in a fits-like-a-potato-sack kind of way?) and of utmost importance: I'm comfortable in it. 

I'm planning to try to dress it up with some jewelry, pretty tights and some black booties and then pray that I'm not kicked out for breaking any semi-formal rules. Wish me luck.

Now as for what to do about my hair and (gulp) makeup...if only I could get these guys to come work their magic on me...

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