Friday, April 19, 2013

You Know What Day It Is, Right?

It's what, like 2 years later, and the song still gets stuck in my head every friday. (We so excited!)

This happened today.

And then this. I'm still laughing.

This also had me laughing ridiculously. (I still have the humor of a 13 year old boy sometimes.)

On a less silly note, I am HOOKED on this channel. Every time I get a quiet 5 minutes, I try to watch one. I feel like I've learned so many practical tips from him in just a couple of weeks, and he is such a sweet, likable guy. If you feel like a dummy with makeup (like I do!) give these a try!

So my plans for the weekend are pretty boring. Hopefully they'll include some walks outside, lots of coffee and maybe some reading time. I've also got a few crafty-like projects I'd like to get started on. Oh, and we started watching the first season of House (love Hugh Laurie) and while it might not be the best choice of entertainment for a self-diagnosed-hypochondriac, it sure is addicting.

Hope anyone reading this has a great, relaxing weekend!

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