Thursday, April 11, 2013


(Because life's been rather slow lately and I have nothing better to write about today...)

...I can't stop thinking about the beach, and wishing for warmer, sunny weather.
(We're getting a big dose of April showers here.)
(But hey, at least it's not April snow. Gotta focus on the silver linings...)

...I love this print from Yellow Heart Art! I need to find a special frame for it...

...We've been combatting cabin fever with pointless Meijer and Target runs in the rain...

...which inevitably leads to playing the occasional game of dress up in a dressing room. I like to try on things that I would normally never ever try on. Most of the time it's an embarrassing fail. But I bought a men's shirt last week and it's my new favorite. 

...I fell in love with a mirror...

I've been wearing my reading glasses a lot because I've actually started reading again...
(in between wiping bums and fetching sippy cups of milk and stopping Silas from putting everything in his mouth and etc. You know.)

...And this is just a bonus picture of Olive. Because she's awesome.

What are you up to lately? I'd love to hear all about it.

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