Friday, April 26, 2013

Currently [And Some April Favorites]

Can you believe it's Friday again already? The weeks just seem to be flying lately for me!

I haven't done one of these in a long time, but felt in the mood for it today.

Eating: Pretty boring-ly. Mostly vegetables, fruit, sweet potatoes and beef. I did try these muffins, with a few tweaks of my own (more about that later maybe) and they were really nice! I have to say I am still really missing my eggs. However, my body feels really great, and I am thankful.
Drinking: My new favorite drink is a Starbucks shaken Green Zen tea, unsweetened. It's so refreshing. I am also liking the occasional soy cappuccino when we go out for breakfast. (I know, I know - soy isn't good. But it's one of the few things I'm actually not allergic to, and it makes a pretty dang acceptable capp, so just leave me be!) :)
Wishing: For a streak of gorgeous days, rather than just one for every 6 days we get of cold, rainy weather. Thankfully the latest forecast seems to indicate I will get my wish - this coming weekend is shaping up to be a beautiful one!
Dreaming: of traveling. I've was thinking a bit this week about how at one (brief) time a few years ago, Matt and I were seriously thinking of moving to Hawaii temporarily, just to experience something totally foreign to us. (Weird that we ended up in MI instead. It's about as opposite of HI as you can get haha.) We still think about Hawaii a lot and would love love love to visit one day. Future second honeymoon maybe?
Loving: (Get ready for a lot of links)

These books for little ones! I'd love this whole entire set! Brilliant.

Have you heard of Printic yet? This is something I am definitely going to start using soon.

I've been a huge fan of Emily Martin's for years, and her new postcard set is just lovely.

I found this video to be so, so cool. This one too! Get your kids to watch them with you! 

Revisiting what we imagined 21st century technology would be, way back in the 1990s. (Some of it's pretty close to the truth! And then some of it is just hilarious.)

Want some pretty free printables to hang on your walls? Well here you go.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: best sweatshirts ever! And a couple of them are on super sale! (P.S: I find they run large, consider ordering a size down from your norm.)

Jenni's blogging challenge for May sounds like a lot of fun, and I think I'm going to join in! I think the variety of topics will be good for stirring up some creativity in my writing. I get stuck in "uninspired" ruts often, even though I love to write.

Katie's tips for successfully going gluten free. I liked this because she hits on a lot of things that many people (with good intentions for going gluten free) don't realize, and that keep them from success. 

I think I mentioned these before, but they're worth posting again: $15 colored ankle-skinnies. I have them in red (sadly no longer available online) and black and they are the perfect weight/length for spring! They have some fun spring colors still in stock - jump on this!

Have a great weekend! 

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