Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weird, Random Tuesday

This has been a weird Tuesday, because: 

Both kids slept in. 

I found out the print making class I had signed up for and was supposed to start tonight was canceled. So bummed.

But I got to run to Target by myself this morning, which is weird for a Tuesday, and always fun.

And I wore a maxi dress out of the house for the first time ever and felt way more hip than I actually am or ever will be. 

We had a big thunderstorm around lunch time. It got so dark outside that we had to turn all the lights on. I loved it.

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So since it's been such a weird, random Tuesday this is going to be a weird, random post - filled with things I've been finding online that are too good not to share...

I love writing letters to friends and family (you know, the old fashioned way via envelope and postage stamp) and this stationary is so cute. 

I have a hard time wearing jewelry most of the time, but I think this pinecone necklace would be easy and so much fun to wear!

Are you a nail biter? I used to be a serious, nervous-nail-biter and I think these tips to breaking the bad habit sound really practical (and fun!)

I believe we all need some little luxuries once in a while, don't you? 

I'm a big fan of American Apparel basics, and these tee-shirt dresses look perfect for spring, (I'd pair them with leggings or ankle length jeans.)

Rifle Paper Co. makes iPhone cases now!!! And of course, they're gorgeous.

I love the colors and creativity behind this photography series.

Maybe you're like me and are always looking for something "inspired" to do with your hair (vs. throwing it into the old standby "mom-ponytail.") I love this blog and have gotten lots of ideas from it! 

This modern take on Pride and Prejudice is very clever (and addicting. You've been warned.)

I'm embarrassed to say we made this twice over the weekend. They are that good. I'm trying the brownie recipe next!

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