Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This video of the waves Lake Michigan can produce. Pretty crazy for a fresh water lake!

This blog. Mandy's writings always make me laugh!

This post made me cry.

This kids sweatshirt is pretty much perfect. I'd like one in mommy-size. :)

While on the subject of sweatshirts for mommies, these are winners in my book.

I've wasted spent many minutes on this blog and youtube channel this week.

Chaucee has been a source of style inspiration to me for over a year now. I love her photography and love her taste in fashion. I loved this outfit so much that I ordered the jeans! (Nothing is quite as stupid scary as ordering jeans online without trying them on first, am I right?)

I've mentioned before that I'm thinking and reading a lot about homeschooling Olive, and I really enjoyed this post and this post. Good inspiration and ideas.

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