Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Did You Know I Love Storms?

I've probably mentioned it 100 times but, man...I love a good thunder storm.

All these rainy days we've been having in MI can get me feeling pretty gloomy, but when a big thunderstorm pops up in all that rain, I just feel better. I love the noise, the atmosphere, the drama of it all.

I also really like brussel sprouts. And I'm making some for dinner tonight. And I'll most likely tease Olive by telling her "wouldn't you like some yummy brussel sprouts for supper?" And she'll run as far away as she can screaming"nooooo" and I'll laugh, but in the end I won't make her eat them, because I can still pretty vividly remember being little and having major anxiety attacks about being forced to eat scary looking, odd smelling green things. 

I didn't start liking brussel sprouts until like, 6 weeks ago. For reals.

And now I love them and could eat them every day.

The trick is to roast them until they get browned and crispy. And you can't forget to drizzle on the EVOO and garlic powder. I double dog dare you to try it sometime.

I also love spaghetti squash but I'll save that rant for another day.

So since I'm obviously in a rambly, overly chatty mood... 

I had another follow up at the allergist's office today. My allergist is a very odd, very old man. I think he really likes me, because at every single appointment he sits and talks (and talks, and talks, and talks...) for at least 45 minutes. Usually about things not related to my allergies. (Today it was Obamacare. Oh boy!) He also patted me on the back on my way out today and said "you are a very easy patient to work with" which I'm pretty sure (besides being one of the strangest compliments I've ever been paid) was his way of saying "thanks for letting me get all that off my chest, I feel a lot better now." 
You're welcome, doc.

Anyway, I've felt so much better being off of eggs and poultry that I've been sentenced to remain off all chicken-y-goodness for the next 3 months! (Yay?) And maybe, just maybe, if I'm really good over the next three months, I can try adding eggs and dairy back in on a rotational basis in July. 

The good news is that dark chocolate and almond products sit A-OK with me, so there will definitely be more of these bad boys in my future. 

In other random news, I got a much needed hair cut today and enjoyed a good 30 minute chat with my stylist. It's so nice seeing the same person every time for your hair. And it's so nice to sit undisturbed in a chair for 30 minutes and have your hair done while talking all sorts of girly things, like tanning, bad gym experiences, mud facials and The Voice. 

And speaking of The Voice... Shakira is a such a nice replacement for Christina Aguilera, but gosh do I miss Cee-Lo (and his menagerie.) 

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