Sunday, April 28, 2013

And It Feels Like the First Day of Spring

We had the best weather this weekend, and spent a lot of time enjoying it outdoors.

The change in the weather seemed to bring a palpable change to the whole city. We walked a long time around downtown Holland Saturday morning, and it seemed like people everywhere were bustling, rushing to get the streets looking their best for the big Tulip Time festival (which starts next weekend.) College students were laying out on blankets around Hope College's campus, studying for finals week and soaking up the sun. All the restaurants and coffee shops had their outdoor seating out and everyone just seemed extra happy and excited.

We spent Saturday afternoon at Tunnel Park, which was surprisingly quiet in spite of the warm weather. The sun felt so, so good. The kids love being at the lake, and even though it's quite a job cleaning the sand off everyone at the end of a beach trip, it's totally worth it for how much they enjoy it.

Better late than never, spring time! Hope you're here to stay a while!

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