Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sometimes Matt Takes Pictures Too.

Tim Coulson and Ryan Marshall are 2 of my favorite photographers, and I am particularly drawn to their pictures of their families. What I love most about those briliant guys' photos of their wives and children is that each one is like a love song. Their pride and love for their families just oozes out of the pixels of each shot. That's a quality that's really important to me in my photographs too. If nothing more, I want each picture to capture just a little of the enourmous love I have for my husband and babies.

A dilemma I often run across is that sometimes I'm a little bummed out that I have hardly any pictures of my kids with me. The camera's always in my hands, so I'm not in pictures very much (which is usually totally fine with me - I've always been a bit camera-phobic and self conscious and very unphotogenic, and whatever) but I want my kids to be able to look back on at least a few pictures of these days that they won't remember so well, (if at all) when they're older and remember me being and playing with them. 

So today I almost cried when I stole Matt's phone while he was pumping gas and scrolled through his iPhone photos and found these sneaky pics he took of me playing with Olive and Silas on the beach. I love them, not because they're perfect or anything, but because when I look at them I feel the love and pride he felt when he took these.

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