Tuesday, December 10, 2013

While Daddy's Away...

...Mommy and little ones tend to get lonely, grumpy, overly-emotional and bored. (Ok, maybe just Mommy...) While Matt was in NY last week, we tried to keep busy busy busy to make the time pass as quickly as possible. We played at the warm, mall playground and stood staring at the spinning, electronic snowmen for a solid 10 minutes. (Silas was mesmerized.)

We went to an Advent Workshop at church, where we made lots of fun Christmas crafts. I made a bunch of ornaments for the tree - my favorite being this little sheep. Olive was mad at me for the rest of the week for not letting her "keep it."

Most daring and exciting of all, we attended the Christmas parade downtown all by ourselves! I was outnumbered, it was freezing and raining, plus it was dangerously close to bedtime-meltdown-hour, but we survived! We even had fun!

Olive happily begged with the other kids, and was rewarded with pocketfuls of candy.

The worst part was the long, very rainy walk back to the van in the dark. The kids found a little shelter in the stroller, but we were a shivering, soggy mess when we finally got back home. 

I find that these weeks where Matt has to go away for work get easier and easier the more we do it. I still hate his work trips, and probably always will, but I'm thankful that the kids and I are finding our "groove" together while he's away. I'm amazed by how helpful and positive they are while he's gone, especially Olive. She's a big encouragement and good helper to me when I'm holding down the fort alone, and I'm so thankful for her!

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