Monday, December 16, 2013

Staycation Celebration (7 Years)

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary. It has gone by really really fast - probably because we've been so busy since 2006! We've moved seven times, brought home two babies, and will deliver our third little person very soon. I can't believe how much life has been packed into 7 fast, beautiful years. Some bad times have been endured, but those have been totally outweighed by the great times. Each anniversary is a blessing, a gift and a little miracle in itself that we try to never take for granted. We have a lot to praise God for this anniversary. I'm so very blessed to be married to my Matt; my very best friend. I couldn't imagine life without him.

Due to a lot of reasons, we knew it was going to be impossible to do any major celebrating today, so we celebrated a little early (you know, while I could still walk wasn't hobbling.) Over Thanksgiving weekend we booked a room at a hotel downtown while my sister kept the kids at our house. It turned out to be one of the nicest, most relaxing "trips" we've ever taken (and when we realized we had forgotten our toothpaste, it was nice to just drive 5 minutes back home to grab it!) I think it was also a good practice run for my sister and the kids, who will be hanging out together for a couple of days while I'm having the baby.

Our room was very modern and bright. I really liked the unconventional floor plan.

Hotel beds are such a luxury - (especially when you're a 6'2" guy and you still share a tiny full size bed that your in-laws passed down to you 7 years ago [that was originally purchased circa-1990] with your 9-months-pregnant wife.)

We caught a matinee of "Catching Fire" in the early afternoon, though I feel I need to watch it again because I think I got up to pee at least 8 times. 

And then we braved the Black Friday crowds and purchased a car seat for the baby, which wasn't exactly romantic, but still pretty darn exciting.

It was a rare, sunny day so we enjoyed walking around downtown looking into windows for a bit before settling on a restaurant to eat at. 

Then we went to bed early, like the old fuddy-duddy married couple we are, and I think we most likely fell asleep watching House Hunters on HGTV!

This was our first time "staycationing" in our own town, and we loved it. It was so easy, relaxed, and just totally stress free - which is just what we needed before life gets really crazy over here!

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