Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thirty-four Days (Ish.)

I think it's funny-scary what pregnancy/childbirth does in our brains. Like, how terrifying amazing is it that women can go through the long, exhausting, often totally yucky experiences of pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery - and then seemingly forget about it and willingly go through it all again (and again, and again...)

Even just a month ago, the idea of going through labor, delivery and (probably my least favorite) the "4th trimester" terrified me, even though this is my third go-around. It seemed like time was going too quickly and I was in no hurry to get to the end. Somehow as I have entered the final month, that all changed, and now all I can think about it getting it over with. It's like your brain flips this switch and suddenly you don't feel scared anymore, just totally ready to get it done. (Get this kid out of meeee....)

The last thirty-ish days are tired, sore, swollen, puffy and irritable. Oh, and emotional. Sooo irritable and emotional. (Pray for my poor family that has to put up with me.)

I've been trying to stay as distracted as possible with Christmasy projects - like painting our advent calendar (hello first day of advent!) and making ornaments from cute heart nut shells. 

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