Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Totally Unrealistic (But Fun!) Wish List

Christmas is one week away (how??) and my husband has been asking me for weeks what I would like as a gift, and I keep coming up totally blank. I mean, besides not really needing anything anyway, I'm totally preoccupied with getting gifts ready for the kids and, oh yeah, getting ready to have a baby any minute now. Realistically, I'm going to be too post-partumy (shouldn't that be a word?) to enjoy wearing anything pretty for a while, and I'm going to be too busy with three kids to enjoy any type of project or book, etc for the rest of my life for a bit.

As I thought about it more, I realized the things I do keep on my secret mental wish list are either (A.) unrealistically expensive, (B.) impractical or (C.) both. But they're all so awesome and fun that I'm sharing them here. ;)

I've been lusting after these boots for years. (I'm pretty sure every popular blogger in the blogosphere owns a pair.) They come in a wide variety of beautiful colors. I like that they're slim fitting and fun. Muuuch cuter than the hideous black Ugg-style boots I've been hauling my big pregnant booty around in for the last 2 months. I also love that they're practical for snow and rain, two things we get in abundance on the Lake Michigan lakeshore.

You know what stinks about being hugely pregnant in the winter? Not being able to zip your coat is what. I've had coats on my mind since the day I realized I couldn't zip my winter coat over my belly anymore, (about a month ago) and I would love to have one of these insulated North Face parkas after the baby is born. Wind and water resistant, and also insulated while not looking too much like the Michelin Man...

I am so intrigued with this sexy little camera, which is getting rave reviews from professional and amateur photographers alike. If you're a camera/photography nerd like me, read up on it - it's an impressive little machine. Sometimes I feel too conspicuous carrying my DSLR around, and it's also a bit heavy/cumbersome to be toting around with my growing herd of small children. For it's tiny size, this camera takes seriously gorgeous film-like photos, and handles extreme light conditions beautifully. Unfortunately it costs a small fortune, but a girl can dream, right?

I love the look of ankle boots that hug the  really low part of the ankle, and I've found it's a style that's kind of hard to find. I love the look of these Jean Michel Cazabats, though they're really pricey (and sold out on Amazon and Shopbop. Boo.) I found this much more affordable pair on Amazon that look almost identical and I can't get them out of my head.

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