Friday, December 13, 2013

Full Term

We are 37 weeks today! Maybe it's because both Olive and Silas were April babies, and I'm not used to being full term around Christmas time, but it feels like everything is happening just a little too fast. At my appointment today, I found out that I'm dilated to 2cm, which made my jaw literally drop because I never started dilating with Olive or Silas until I was well past my due date. I've just been expecting that this baby will be late like my other 2, (and she still very well might! Trying to keep that in mind here...) and I haven't been really serious at all about getting everything in order yet. My doctor lectured me quite sternly today to at least get the crib and car seat set up this weekend, which made me feel just a tad ashamed. Driving home from the appointment, I kept getting these alarming thoughts like - "Oh my gosh, we're going to need diapers! Lots and lots of tiny diapers. Oh my gosh, wipes!" 

Over all I'm feeling ok. Except, I'm starting to walk like John Wayne. And I feel (*am*) enormous, and maternity clothes are just barely fitting. (I keep stealing Matt's clothes. He does not approve.) Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks lately, and they're definitely worse this time than with my first two. Oh, and I thought I would get through a whole pregnancy without craving anything really gross, but sure enough one night last week I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely needing a bologna sandwich. With lots of mustard. This has happened to me every single pregnancy, and I know - I disgust myself too. (With Silas I had to eat tuna-from-the-can every single day for almost the entire pregnancy, so at least it hasn't been that gross this time.)

P.S: Last night we took the kids to a sibling class at the hospital. It was fun for Olive, but I learned the hard way after about 1.5 minutes that it was a huge mistake to take Silas. All the kids were supposed to take a doll and a bottle when they walked in. Silas immediately put the bottle in his mouth and glared at me when he realized it was empty. When I tried to show him how to pretend to feed the baby the bottle he screeched at me threw the bottle at the doll's head, and he refused to touch the doll for the rest of the class. He's obviously not going to give up his privileged position of "the baby" without a fight.

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