Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Someone's Got My Back

Have you ever prayed for God to help you with things that sound kind of...ridiculous? I do it all the time. Like over the last couple of months I have been asking Him to help me lose a few pounds and to get over my addiction to impulse-shopping. Not that anything is too small or ridiculous for God to handle, but really - these are kind of embarrassing requests.

Anyway - He's been listening. To my silly prayers. And it's simultaneously hilarious and annoying.

For instance, this weekend we had not only Black Friday deals going on everywhere but also (my favorite) Cyber Monday sales. And I started attempting to peruse my favorite online stores, looking for the good deals that I use to justify my impulse-buying habit. And to my dismay, the sites I wanted to look at on Monday would not open on my browser, or kept popping up error messages. And if a site I liked worked, the items I wanted to purchase would not open up. I even got so close as to have a "shopping cart" filled with a few things I liked and when I hit the checkout button it froze and shut the whole browser down. I even tested this out by looking at some retail websites that I had no interest from buying from and they worked perfectly fine. Um, thank You Lord?

Then today, I stopped to grab my husband a coffee from our favorite coffee shop and thought, "I'm going to order some gluten free muffins for the weekend. I've been really good with food and exercise the last month, it'll be fine." And as I asked the barista about how to go about ordering these gluten free muffins, he told me "Um, our bakers quit last week and we're not doing gluten free baked goods anymore." Seriously, Lord?

Do you have chills yet? Or are you just laughing at me?

You don't have to answer that.

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