Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Coolest Baby Sister

dear holly,

sometimes i doubt that we're related because, well, you are like 150 times cooler than me.

i loved what you wrote about your political thoughts on your blog. when you speak your mind so boldly and clearly like that i just step back and am like "geesh, she is so smart. and cool." and then i feel kind of old.

thank you so much for the autumn mix cd you sent me in the mail, (and the cute card!) your mixes are the best. seriously, where do you hear about these cool artists? i am working on a mix to send you, but i'm sad because i know it will not be as cool as the one you sent me. i'm afraid there may even be some rihanna on it. because i'm kind of into rihanna right now, ok?

anyway, i miss you - all the time. make a delicious peppermint mocha, you cute little barista, you, and drink it for me (because i'm trying to not eat/drink sugar right now and i hurt a little inside every time i walk by those big delicious looking posters of the holiday drinks at target's starbucks.)

love you forever + a day! xox

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