Friday, November 2, 2012


Currently I am:

LOVING: taking ridiculous, obnoxious selfies with my kids. I mean, really, who doesn't? (I'm pretty sure I embarrass them already.)

LOOKING: Forward to seeing this sister tonight. And making her a birthday cake. And giving her the cute little something I got for her at Anthropologie last week. And for maybe convincing her to spend some "quality time" with her darling niece and nephew while Matt and I steal a little date? *wink wink.* It's ok if you say no, Gracie. You just won't get to take any leftover cake home with you. *wink wink again.* No, but really.

COOKING: Salmon, baked sweet potatoes, roasted tomatoes with basil and mozzarella, turkey burgers, omelettes and broccoli are a few of the things I've made the last two weeks. 

CATCHING: Cold after cold. This is so unlike me. And it's so miserable. I keep loading up on vitamin C and cod liver oil. Hoping I'm feeling back to normal by the weekend.

MISSING: "Downton Abbey." I need a good show to get wrapped up in and excited about. Right now all I've got is "The Voice." And Christina's boobs and Cee-Lo's animals get on my nerves. Does anyone have any good Netflix suggestions? 


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