Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Lately Update


Currently I am...

Anticipating moving to Michigan in the next couple of months! It's going to be such a big adventure for our little family, and sometimes I get really nervous thinking about it, but mostly I'm extremely optimistic and excited about the big changes coming up! 

Buying shoes. I have shoes on the mind. Today I bought Olive two pairs of shoes from Payless (her feet are growing at an alarming rate. Up 2 sizes since early summer!) I bought Silas some sockies that look like shoes (perfect for a boy who can deftly and swiftly kick any pair of shoes off within 2 minutes of getting them on his feet.) Matt needs new shoes as he is still wearing his ratty, falling apart sandals (with socks - I wish I were kidding) but he won't let me shop for them without him. And I don't really need new shoes, but I am lusting over some anyway of course. THESE and THESE and especially THESE. 

Needing more oraganization, in my time, my creativity, my kitchen, my closet. This is something I am hoping to gradually work up to as we move. There's going to be a lot of purging going on in this house.

Thinking about the election and how different our country's culture is now than even 10 years ago. Wondering what happens next and trying not to stress about it.

Ignoring the squash in my refrigerator that needs to be cooked. Why do I feel so uninspired by that squash? Does anyone have a great squash recipe?

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