Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Talk the Voice (Ridiculous and Picture Heavy!)

First, does anyone even watch this show besides my husband and I? And does this make us lame? I admit, we often admit to each other that we feel kind of lame getting so into it, and I feel rather lame dedicating a whole blog post to it, BUT it IS my blog, and I suppose I can rant on about silly TV shows if I want to. Right? 'K. (Also, I stole all these pictures from various Google image searches. I hope that's ok.) (Also, I know I'm late on this, but I watch the show on Hulu after it's aired so bear with me. And don't tell me in the comments who is in the Top 8 before I can watch the recap tonight!) (Also, I WILL use the word "amazing" way too much.)

Now, on to business. Let's talk the Top 10.

Last night's Top 10 show was really good. It's getting harder to hate on any of the contestants (ok I don't really hate on them, but I have weird/high standards for singers, and I thought several contestants this year were really lame. Yes, I use the word "lame" a lot.) Out of these 10 it is pretty impossible for me to pick a top favorite, I have several favorites, and now I am going to tell you who they are and why.

Melanie Martinez is probably my top favorite, (and by that I mean, I would be most excited for her album than the rest of the contestants'.) She is so dang cute, and seems really authentic and unpretentious. She is like a breath of fresh air when compared with all the other Christina-Aguilera-wannabes. She is also super creative with her song arrangements. (YouTube her performances of "Bulletproof" and Britney Spears' "Toxic" for proof.) Her arrangement of "7 Nation Army" last night, (which is such a great song) was genius in my opinion. I think she's too indie to win the whole thing but I hope she goes on to make albums, because I. Will. Buy. Them. (Also she's a great photographer. HERE is her tumblr.) (Also her Cruella DeVille inspired hair is kind of amazing. That is all.)

My second favorite of the Top 10 is crazy Nicholas. (He's Matt's top favorite.) He is so strange, but in a wonderful, iconic way. I love watching him perform, and while I wouldn't bet on him winning the whole competition, (though I really wish he would) I really hope he goes on to make lots of albums. Please You Tube his performance of Barry White's "You're My Everything." AMAZING.

Terry, the classic-rocker from Scotland. Bad hair, cute accent and personality, great stage presence, and AHMAAAZING voice. He's one of our top favorites. I love watching him perform, even though I'm not really into classic rock.

Amanda Brown used to sing back up for Adele, so obviously she's amazing. She was my top favorite after her performance of "Dream On" (which gave me chills it was so good. Best performance of the season!) but her last two performances have been blah. There's no denying that she has an amazing voice though. Someone sign Amanda now so I can buy her album!

I could not stand Cody in the auditions and knock out rounds, etc. But he's kind of growing on me. We about died laughing watching his performance of "Crazy in Love" last night. It takes a lot of...something...for a short, bearded guy to get up and do the Beyonce song. His performances seem to get better and better as the show progresses.

Cassadee is another artist who I could NOT stand from the beginning. But her performance last night kind of changed my mind about her. I think she has been wasting her time singing aggressive pop/rock songs - she sounds SO much better singing country.

Bryan is good, but I feel kind of "meh" about him. He still has a good chance of winning I think, mainly because he is male and that seems to get you farther on "The Voice" than pure talent. I can't stand that about these kinds of shows but I digress. I did dig Bryan's rendition of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black."

Oh Sylvia. I like her a lot, I really do, but I just don't think she has the talent that the rest of the contestants do. She's had some really crummy song choices. And she has seriously awesome hair.

Oh Trevin, my Trevin. I think he definitely SHOULD win the whole thing. His voice is just incredible, especially considering his age and lack of training. I love his humble, sweet attitude. He doesn't take anything for granted. And even though I winced through his whole performance of Usher's "Scream" (really, Trevin? Really? Blech.) he is still my favorite for the win. His biggest competition is (ridiculously)...

Dez. Oh, I have hated on Dez all season. I can't stand these N'Sync style boy singers who get to the top solely on the basis of all the votes they get from the hormone-ravaged, teen girl squad (sorry teenage girls. I was you once. I know how you think. But still, it's "The Voice" not "The Prettiest Boy Face.") Granted, Dez can sing, but I don't think his talent holds a candle to Trevin's.

Oh but I'm not done yet. ((Shakes finger in your face, diva style.)) We haven't talked judges yet.

I'll keep it brief...

Cee Lo. He simultaneously fascinates me and annoys me. I mean, he's so out there it's pretty impossible not to love, but his animal friends and very odd critiques kind of confuse me. He's entertainment personified.

Adam. Adam is cute. He was much more endearing last season when he was fighting with Christina. That's pretty much it.

Xtina. When did she become such a mean girl? She's so negative and snotty to everyone who isn't on her team. And then she's overly, ridiculously nice to her own mediocre singers. She's kind of like Jekyll and Hyde, and so is her wardrobe. Each week I wonder who's going to come out, "Normal-ish Christina" "Bizarre-O Christina" or just "Christina's boobs."

Aww, it's Blake Shelton. I pretty much love him. And I don't even like country music! He seems so normal compared to the other judges and I love the way he encourages and interacts with his team.

And before I close up, I have one more thing to say:

Is Carson Daly the most awkward host ever, or is it just me? He always seems like he's reading from a teleprompter. I think he's hilarious.

And that is my rant on "The Voice." I feel so much better now that it's all out of my system.

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