Thursday, November 15, 2012

Senior Moments and Milkshakes

This has been quite a week. And our brains are obviously fried, because we keep having "senior moments." Like...

We had a conversation just a couple of days ago where we discussed some things we needed at Lowes. And tonight on our way to Lowes we could not for the life of us remember what we needed. And we were utterly ridiculous as we tried and tried and tried to remember.

Matt finally figured it out (it was new smoke detectors) after "mentally walking through all the Lowes aisles." That man loves Lowes and knows it like the back of his hand. I worked there for several months as a teen and I don't know it half as well as him haha.

And now, we need to talk about something important...

They're baaack, and it feels like the holiday season has officially begun. I have been very serious about limiting sugar and dairy in my diet over the last few months, but I have been looking forward to this silly milkshake since last Christmas. It's my favorite.

Matt, "mentally walking the aisles of Lowes." 

Me and my girl, excited for ice cream!

My darling boy looking like hot stuff in his new sweater.

Lowes is all ready for Christmas and Olive was giddy over all the obnoxious blow up yard ornaments and singing, blinking trees. But she was kind of nervous about the life size Santa. (Whaaaat?)

Taking the kids through Lowes is so much fun. Olive gets so excited over the funniest things. Like carpet samples.

I want some of this stuff in our next house. FUN!

Sometimes the simplest outings are the most fun. I really love my little family. I'm a blessed girl.

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