Friday, August 8, 2014

The Hangover

My kids' faces up there pretty much sum up how I feel about this week.

Not only are we still feeling grumpy about having to say goodbye to my parents and siblings this week, but...

I'm desperately trying to get my house, kids and life back on track after about two straight weeks of company, too many late nights, too much fun, too much ice cream and not enough sleep. I think at this point I've realized I'm probably never going to catch up, and I'm trying to be cool with that, but seriously *yawwwwn.*

I missed Oona's 6 month well checkup...for the second time. I'm pretty sure I'm our doctor's favorite person.

I did remember (in the nick of time) Olive and Silas' first dentist appointments - which happened at the same time. (Silas did a major poop right as the hygienist called us back, in case you wanted to know. And he bit the hygienist's finger. But hey, no cavities! *Happy dance!*)

I've got an ear infection. Whomp-whomp.

^ Even Oona's got a vacation-hangover. ^

Livin' on too much coffee and a prayer over here, and hoping things start getting easier once Olive starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks and life is forced into a more structured routine. 

Oh, and here's a "meh" photo of the cruise ship that docked in Holland last week. It wasn't quite as impressive as the mega-yacht, but it was still exciting to see.

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