Friday, August 15, 2014

Peeks of the Past

^ My Mom's mother, Betty. I miss her. ^

^ My Mom's father, Bob. So handsome. ^

^ Four of Mom's older siblings. ^

^ Bob, Betty and their brood. Mom's on the far right. She's the 6th of 10. ^

^ Mom's the baby in the last picture. Oona looks so much like her, I think. ^

I asked my Mom for some old family photos recently because I want to make some engineer prints to hang up in our house, and I get so caught up in looking at all the photos from my parents' childhoods. It's such a weird phenomenon, seeing their images from a time when you didn't even exist. I sit and look at the pictures and wonder what kind of kids my parents and their siblings and even their parents were? One thing I know for sure is that they were awfully cute, and it just absolutely delights me looking at baby pictures of my mom, aunts and uncles and seeing Olive, Silas and Oona's resemblances!

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