Friday, August 15, 2014


Two weeks ago, my whole family drove up to see the kids, Matt, Grace and I. It was the first time we had ALL been together in a really long time (I flew out to meet the gang in May 2013 to celebrate my siblings' college graduations, but Matt and the kids weren't able to accompany me, so this was a really special occasion getting to be together!) 

I loved getting to take walks around Holland with my parents, eating my Mom's cooking, staying up late laughing with my sisters, going on a dune hike with my brother, and most of all: watching my parents enjoy Olive, Silas and Oona. It was a good visit.

I have been missing them all like crazy since they left. One upside, though, is my youngest sister, Holly, got me hooked on Snapchat while she was here, so we get to "see" each other several times a day (usually trying to outdo each others' most unattractive faces, ha!) 

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