Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Can't Sleep

My big girl, my firstborn, my baby always - I'm dropping her off for her first day of kindergarten in about 5 hours, and while she's sleeping soundly upstairs I'm pacing the living room and blogging at 2:30am. (Never a good idea.)

I know, I really know she is going to love school. It's a great school, she's a bright kid and she is so ready for this adventure. But tonight every time I close my eyes all I see are visions of Olive as a baby. Wasn't she just a baby a minute ago? I can still see her in perfect detail as a baby if I just close my eyes and remember, and every time I do it hurts in the most bittersweet way, because I simultaneously feel so proud of 5 year old Olive and yet tonight I kind of want baby Olive back.

Now, to try to grab a few hours of sleep or go sob over her baby pictures? Maybe I'll just go get a head start on packing her lunch instead. :)

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