Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Olive Meets Her Teacher

Today Olive's Kindergarten teacher made a house call to meet the family. She brought a new student survey to fill out with Olive and the conversation went a little like this:

Teacher: "Ok Olive, I'm going to read these questions out to you and you can tell me the answers and we'll write them down -"

Olive: (Silently grabs pencil and starts filling in the answer to the first question on the survey, which was "what's your favorite color?" She wrote "red.")

Teacher: ....."Well, alrighty then. Olive, how long have you been reading?"

Olive: "Just a lot of days."

Teacher: "The next question is what's your favorite food?"

Olive: (Writes "plantains.")

Me: (Silently choking on coffee, because this kid has tried plantains ONCE and she was not exactly what I would call a fan.)

Teacher: "Well that's different. Um, let's see, next question... If you could choose a pet, what you pick?"

Olive: (Writes "goldfish.")

Teacher: "I like goldfish too. Now, 'what things do you like to do?'"

Olive: (Writes "Read. Swim. Do Coloring.")

Teacher: "Well we're going to get to do a LOT of reading and coloring at school this year!"

Olive: "Will we get to do some fingerpainting? She (pointing accusingly at me) never lets me do that."

Teacher: "Well, I'm sure we'll get to do some fingerpainting at some point this year."

Olive: "That's good!"

Teacher: "Last question Olive. What things do you NOT like to do?"

Olive: (Considers question seriously for several seconds before solemnly writing "be selfish.")

Teacher: (Clearing throat.) "Well, that's an admirable quality, Olive."

(At that point I had to step in the kitchen to laugh, because - seriously, this kid! She's ready for kindergarten, but the question begs to be asked - is kindergarten ready for Olive?) ;) 

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