Friday, May 23, 2014

Welp...I've Really Done It Now.

Why am I posting this?? 

It's done. My crooked teeth are all wired up for the next 18 months. Oh God, 18 months?! 

24 hours after getting them on, how am I feeling?

Not only are they really ugly - they really hurt. Everything feels weird - talking, smiling and most of all: eating! 

I actually had the bright idea this morning that maybe I should go back in to the office today and have them take them off. I mean, I'm almost 28. I've been married for 7 years. I've had three kids. I did all that with my crooked teeth, my family still loves me with those crooked teeth - I mean, are the next painfully awkward 18 months of my life going to actually be worth it in the end? Is it too late to change my mind??

Matt just basically rolled his eyes at me and told me to toughen up and take my ibuprofen. 

I'm laughing now because those pictures and really this whole situation is pretty ridiculous. Oh dear dear dear...

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