Sunday, May 4, 2014

16 / 52

Portraits of my children once a week for a year.

These were taken very hurriedly this morning as we were getting ready to head out the door to church. Some weeks I don't remember to take any pictures until I realize I'm already days behind!

Olive: I'm pretty lenient about letting her wear whatever she fancies during the week, no matter how (ahem) creative the get up may be. But I draw the line on Sundays, and she fights me every single week. Maybe I'm an uptight mom, but I want her to learn to go into church ready to just focus her mind on Jesus and the word - NOT on her tiara and fairy wings.

Silas: Don't be fooled by this smiley face, he was wailing a second and a half later. He is going through a very sensitive, whiny (miserable for everyone) phase right now. Sometimes I think that amber necklace is helping but on mornings like this, I'm not so sure...

Oona: Getting her springtime on. A tulip sweater for the beginning of Tulip Time! 

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