Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hey Girl... pretty. :)

Just some of the reasons I love you, Gracie:

1. You make me laugh like no one else can.

2. You know how to rock a scarf.

3. You know every word to every Disney song ever written.

4. You voluntarily bring the trash can back up to the house on pick up day.

5. You're always up for a Target/Forever 21/coffee run.

6. Chocolate is your love language.

7. You really listen when I need to vent to someone.

8. You're basically my kids' second mom. 

9. You tell the truth.

10. You have really pretty hands.

11. You're the only person in our family who can actually dance.

12. You introduced me to Nutella.

And that just brushes the surface!

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