Saturday, May 24, 2014

Looooong Weekend

Matt drove to NY on Friday morning to pick up our dog, Django (Django's been staying with cousins in New England for over a year now, and now that we have our own place again we can get him back!) 

He won't get home until bedtime tonight. Tomorrow he has to rush out at the crack of dawn for music practice at church. I'm signed up to bring dinner to my sister's Bible study tomorrow night. Monday we're hosting a cook out for our small group at church. 

My teeth really, really hurt. 

Oona's ready-to-break-through-teeth hurt too, I think, because she cranked half the night away.

Alright, whining over. Olive, Silas and I took an evening stroll downtown earlier this week on a particularly beautiful day. We had a good time. Olive wanted to take pictures so I let her take charge of my phone. I love the pictures when her finger shows up in the corner.  

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