Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let's Take A Walk

This winter came very close to ruining my little love affair with west Michigan. Then, spring finally showed up, fashionably late of course. And *snap* just like that, I'm in love again. This little part of the country does springtime right. I'll take you on a little walk around our neighborhood with us to show you what I mean... 

^^ Strolling through the historic district...^^

^This is the school down the street from our house. We like to play on the playground in the evening.^

^^ My walking buddies...who prefer to not walk. Lazy bums. ^^

^^ Pink skies. ^^

^^ Now we're in Centennial Park. ^^

^^ So many tulips. ^^

^^ My favorite tree in town, in front of the library. ^^

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