Thursday, March 28, 2013

Such A Nice Day

It was nice enough for a bike ride in town tonight! Such happiness!!

Is that Robert Frost poem stuck in your head? Yeah, mine too.

Holland's famous and overly hyped tulips have ARRIVED!

Silas is bummed he can't ride a bike yet. :(

Swoon-worthy dream houses right there, yo. 
Some other note worthy things...

Homeschooling (whether or not to do it, and if I do, HOW to approach it, etc. etc...) has been weighing on my mind a lot. It might have something to do with Olive turning 4 next week. I've been interested in the Charlotte Mason philosophy on home education, so I ordered this book. It's been enjoyable, encouraging and inspiring so far (though admittedly, written in a very out of date, prudish style.) There are definitely nuggets in there that I'd like to take into my own, individual approach to home schooling.
If anyone out there has some great books to recommend for someone just starting out with homeschooling, please share the love. I'm looking for all the inspiration and encouragement I can find!

We've been experimenting with some loose leaf teas in our french press lately, so far just fruit/herbal blends. The Seasoned Home is a cute kitchen boutique downtown (it's like a mash-up between Anthropologie and Williams & Sonoma.) They have a huge loose leaf tea selection. Their almond tea smells and tastes just like vanilla/cinnamon granola. It's the best.

Finally - yours truly, grinning dopily over her first maxi skirt. I finally got one, and I lurrrve it. It's going to be a summer staple for sure.

Some More Link-Love:

Dry Shampoo Do's and Don'ts. I've been experimenting with dry shampoo lately, so this was interesting to me.

Prettiest Michigan necklace! Would you wear your state? These are the daintiest state necklaces I've seen yet. (She also does alphabet letters!)

Thought provoking article on making sure we prioritize the right message when teaching our children about sexual purity.

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