Sunday, March 10, 2013

65-67 / 365...

65 - A "new" second car, (which I can't drive since it's a stick-shift.)
But yay for now not having to drive Matt back from the airport in the wee hours of the morning!

66 - Mirror at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

67 - Today. Walking around Nelis' Dutch Village (which is closed until spring.)

There's something simultaneously wonderful, yet irritating about Sundays here. Holland pretty much completely shuts down on Sundays, which is kind of wonderful, yet when the weather is warm and your husband has to get back to work the very next day, it's irritating to have nowhere to go! 

We drive by Nelis' Dutch Village theme park every day but had never stopped to take a peek. It's closed until May, so we had to make do with walking its perimeter and peeking through its gates. It's pretty adorable, and I can't wait to take the kids when they open back up this spring! (I have a sort of soft spot for unusual, kitschy places like this. So fun.)

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